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Take Chess To A New Level At Paris Fine Art Museum This Autumn
Anna Boghiguian is out to start a conservation about politics and modern culture through a slightly unusual art-form. Her new large-scale installation, soon to be on show at the Paris Fine Arts Museum, brings a series of large chess pieces – all suspended

Discover Mystérieux Coffrets at Paris Musée de Cluny
Historical shows can often draw a bigger crowd when we look at the artistry of objects and eras. That is precisely what is going on with an upcoming exhibition at the Paris Musee de Cluny.

Christo & Jeanne-Claude in Paris at Centre Pompidou
When we think of the name Christo, we tend to think of massive public installations on an epic scale. This is what has made the name Christo so famous around the world. He, and his late wife, would devise these massive projects where they wrap famous buil